Water Project


Harvesting Water from Air

In many regions in central Asia there is a lack of drinking water and water for agriculture. Currently, the locals depend on water transport by truck or ship, or rely on power-expensive sea water purification techniques. But despite the lack of rain, atmospheric humidity is high in many of those regions, creating a potential for water harvesting from air.

A simple, environment-friendly solution exists: The Dew Catcher. This ingenious device simply consists of nets that trap dew the same way spiderwebs do. The captured water then flows into reservoirs for later use. The dew catcher has already been successfully tested in several arid countries around the world, including Peru, Chili, Yemen, Oman and several African countries.

Dew catcher

The Dasht foundation aims to build and test fog harvesters in the arid regions of central Asia. Construction is simple: we set up two masts, with a durable mesh in between, and collectors below. The moisture trapped in the mesh makes its way to storage containers through gravity. The water can be made suitable for drinking through filtering, or it can be used to grow fruits and vegetables. This can yield a stable source of income for local communities.  

With no other sources of funding, we kindly ask you for financial support. Dasht is a non-profit foundation that guarantees full transparency in how donations are used. Click here to help us get this project off the ground!

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