Farmers Training

Farmers training

To Educate, Encourage and Empower the Farmers

Since the introduction of industrial agricultural practices, application of artificial fertilisers and agro-chemicals has multiplied to extreme levels that have significant implications for biodiversity, soil and water quality and health. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides may have long-term adverse impact on flora and fauna while threatening in many cases health of farmers and field workers and their families.

Impacts of widespread use of chemicals and fertilisers has led to increasing concerns with respect to biodiversity, soil life, water quality and health. In 2015, Sustainable Developing Goals (SDG 12 and SDG 15) were formulated to emphasise the need to improve safe, healthy and sustainable food production and land management.

Our vision:

Dasht is contributing to the promotion of safe, healthy and sustainable food production by means of informing smallholder farmers in villages in Tajikistan. Farmers are provided with training materials and examples of safe, organic farming practices, helping them to improve their awareness and agricultural skills to realise stable, and sustainable food production with healthy working conditions and a sustainable environment.

Our approach:

  1. Make farmers aware of the dangers of using large amounts of synthetic external inputs for the degradation of their land as well as for their own health.
  2. Train farmer groups on organic farming techniques and practices in order to reclaim the ecological status of the project area and achieve sustainability in food production.
  3. Monitor and follow up trained farmers to ensure compliance with the learnt organic farming techniques and practices.

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