Building bridges in support of the organic and sustainable movement


Dasht is a public benefit (ANBI) organisation.

Our vision

To alleviate environmental and social issues by inspiring local communities, and providing them with solutions. To bring awareness on how to save soil by sustainable land and water usage. To draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide and boost biodiversity through the planting of trees while engaging local youth.

Our mission

To improve the livelihoods in rural communities through the sustainable farming.

To contribute to improving global sustainability by planting trees, drawing down atmospheric carbon dioxide, engaging local communities, bringing awareness and education along with biodiversity to remote regions of our planet.

To provide information to people and schools in remote areas through our own experts, through educational materials, and through associated European advisory organisations.

Our local offices provide a direct point of contact, and monitor projects to be able to follow up where needed.

Our Current Projects

Dasht is open for new projects and is currently working on the following:


Educate, Encourage & Empower the Farmers

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Supporting locals & CO2 uptake

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We plant trees in south Greenland

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Our team

Faezeh M. Nick

Founding director

Jason Box


Arefeh Riahi

Creative director

Eva van Dijk

Sustainable agriculture advisor

Dirk van As

Climate advisor

Sina M. Nick

Environmental Specialist

Board Members

Elly Hilgeman

Professional advisor


Bamshad Houshyani

International sustainability advisor


Michiel Helsen

Climate scientist


Our Partners

Contact Us

Musicalkade 25, 3543CM Utrecht, The Netherlands

+31 645645289